Meet Robin

Hello, beautiful badass.....

I'm Robin.  

I'm a dreamer, a do-er, a rise-abover (if that's not a word, I just made it one!), a believer of fairytales and happy endings.  

​I'm a glitter lovin', boot wearin', junk obsessed wanderlust with a bit of a rebellious soul.

I'm a badass survivor of a life of ugly with a heart the size of Texas that just won't allow the bullshit to touch my life anymore.

I used to sit on the sidelines and watch as life flew by me.  I used to listen to what "they" said I should do, shouldn't do and tried to fit into the mold they said I should fit into.  

I used to allow the bullshit.  Heck, I even began to believe the bullshit. And that led to a life of anxiety, depression, fear, self-doubt and loneliness.

Words hurt.  They crush you, defeat you and if you hear them often enough, you begin to believe them. To trust that they are your truth.

It took me a very long time to sort through what I learned to believe about me and get to a place where I truly believed IN me.  It took me a long time  to believe that nobody has the power - or the right - to make me feel small.  

My journey to being me didn't happen overnight.  There were struggles, tears, confusion and monumental amounts of sorting through ugly memories - some very old and some more recent.  There was forgiveness (because it's really never about's all about them) and letting go...and then learning for the first time ever who I really was.  (That can be exciting and fun!)

My boots got dusty.  It was a long journey down a dirt road to find my way back.....and I can help you find your way back.

My goal is to help you get past all the crap holding you back and create a life - and a you - that you love living.

It means helping you get clear about who you really are and creating some healthy boundaries that don't allow the bullshit.

It means learning to work through the obstacles (those things we usually create all on our own!) that feed the anxiety and self-doubt, and all those feelings of "I'm not good enough" that can lead you straight down a lonely path to depression.

You are worthy.  Of happiness.  Of a big, beautiful, glittery life with no apologies or doubt. Worthy to chase your dreams and live big. Of seeing the possibilities in everything rather than questioning if it was meant for you. Because it is.  All of it.  

Happiness isn't just for certain people.  

It's never too late to begin. 

Your wounds can heal.  

You can put it all behind you and be your best badass you.

You can choose to use your wings.  

​Think big. 

Let's do this together.