Cowgirl Dreams Co. Brand

Founder Robin Brown is just a small town girl from Southeastern Michigan dedicated to empowering and encouraging you to believe in and embrace your authentic self. 
Your Inner Cowgirl
That's our mission.
Our logo's...

represent our hope to uplift and empower you to believe in

and embrace your authentic self.

To own your story and enjoy the ride...

To never give up...

Never give in...

And believe that


Bravery begins by showing up every single day and letting our true selves be seen...and rather than being afraid of it, let it encourage and empower you to live free.  

​My hope is that by revealing myself to you,

it will help inspire you to be brave, too.

Show up in every single moment like you're meant to be there.

I believe in the pieces I design and sell because they incorporate a piece of me..  

Each piece tells a story.